Our Services

Here at Manurewa Medical we routinely do a health "Warrant of Fitness" with patients. This involves a well health visit working through a checklist of things that matter to your long term health (such as Blood Pressure, diabetes tests, cancer checks and assessments of your risk of heart disease or stroke). There is lots of evidence that shows that this form of "preventative maintenance" health care reduces health problems in the future so we are very keen on these checks. If you think you could benefit from one of these checks or have received a reminder from us about this, contact our clinic and ask for a Warrant of Fitness - the receptionists will know what you mean.  

Research indicates that all sexually active females between the ages of 20 and 70 should have regular cervical smear tests. A year after the first smear women should have another and thereafter every three years. These tests can detect abnormal cells which, if left untreated, could become cervical cancer. Regular testing by way of a cervical smear (and treatment if necessary) reduces the likelihood of this sort of cancer by around 90%. At Manurewa Medical we have a recall system in place to remind our patients if they are due for a smear. If you receive one of these reminders, or if you think you are due for a smear phone our clinic to book a smear, which can be done by one of our friendly and experienced nurses.

When it comes to contraception there are several options, each having benefits and possible down-sides, so choosing which option is right for you needs discussion. Here at Manurewa Medical we are able to provide you with all the information you may need. We can then help by providing a prescription, an injection or the insertion of an IUCD - whatever is right for you. Furthermore, if you are under 22 years old these consultations are free!

If you are feeling unwell and need assistance a phonecall to our team will ensure you get the help you need. However Manurewa Medical is far more than just a place to go when you become unwell. Our doctors have gone through extensive medical training to enable them to help children and adults of all ages with a range of difficulties, whether they are physical or emotional. We aim to work with our patients to provide great health care, whether that involves treatment of a sickness, checking for and excluding more significant problems, or ongoing care for a longstanding problem. Most of the time this care can be done by our doctors and nurses at Manurewa Medical, but we are also at the centre of the healthcare hub, working closely with specialists and hospital clinics in providing seamless care.  

Immunisations are one of the most important services we provide as they have led to the decline of many lethal diseases . There is lots and lots of evidence that shows this reduction in the chance of having a lethal disease by being vaccinated vastly outweighs any risks so here at Manurewa Medical we are keen and skilled at giving immunisations. With modern vaccine research and production systems reactions to immunisations are now rare.

Babies are routinely immunised for tetanus, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type B, pneumococcal disease, measles, mumps and rubella. Most of these are given in combination, to minimise the number of injections needed. Injections are normally done by our specially qualified nurses, having ensured beforehand that the child is not ill or suffering from allergies. Each child has his or her own document to keep a record of these injections, usually their Well Child book. The immunisation record will need to be shown, for example, when starting school or early childcare. We record the immunisation details on New Zealand’s National Immunisation Register as well as our own computer system. The computer will alert families when immunisations are due.

It is not only babies and infants that benefit from immunisations. The HPV vaccine minimises cervical cancer and is free for girls and young women. The influenza vaccine (free to everyone over 65) and the pneumococcus vaccine both reduce the risk of serious chest infections and even death, so these also are a good idea. Tetanus boosters, chickenpox vaccines, shingles vaccines, hepatitis A and other travel vaccines are also a good idea, but every patient is different so discuss this with one of our doctors or nurses. 

Manurewa Medical offers a range of acccident related services and we are able to deal with most minor accident care. If we are not able to deal with an injury we will refer on to the appropriate service.

We also are familiar with managing long term disabilities related to accidents so are able to assist our patients with a rehabilitation programme including ACC certification.

Manurewa Medical can assist you with most minor surgery, providing fast, competent removal and biopsies of possible skin cancers, removal of unsightly moles or skin tags and ingrown toenail surgery. These conditions do not need to be referred to a hospital, perhaps saving you a long wait or a cancelled appointment when a more serious case takes priority. If you need a complex procedure we are able to discuss this with you and refer you to the most appropriate doctor or surgeon. 

If you are pregnant feel free to talk to one of our staff who can book you in to our antenatal clinic. There our friendly group of midwives can care for the whole of your pregnancy and birth.  

Patients who are well-known to the Practice who have a stable condition like asthma, hypertension or diabetes are usually able to get a repeat prescription without the need for a consultation. Of course there are boundaries around this to ensure the prescription is appropriate, safe and that your medical condition continues to be monitored. To arrange a repeat prescription simply phone Manurewa Medical and talk to one of our nurses. This way you can be sure the correct medication is prescribed and to make arrangements with you for collection of your prescription.

Odd looking skin changes are always worth getting checked out by our doctors, who are experienced in identifying areas of concern and working out what treatment is best, whether this is liquid nitrogen, a special anticancer cream or surgical removal of the spot.

Liquid nitrogen is one of the treatment options and is a fast, effective treatment for many spots including mild skin cancers, viral warts, sun damaged skin, skin tags and many benign cosmetic lesions. We have the expertise and the specialised equipment needed to apply liquid nitrogen effectively and safely.

Spirometry is a tool that measures how effectively your lungs are working. It is able to show how much air lungs are able to hold (their volume) and how much air can be breathed in and out (inhaled and exhaled) which is called flow. This tool is used to assess damage caused by conditions like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – a group that includes bronchitis and emphysema), pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Results are shown on a graph called a pneumotachograph.

Often a special test or investigation is arranged to help work out what you health problem is, or to check that more significant health problems are not developing. These tests could be anything from a blood test to an X Ray or ultrasound scan. Usually the results of these tests are available to us the next day, such as routine blood tests and X Rays and scans done in private. However some results may not be available for up to one month depending on the test (hospital based X Rays for example).  In general we do not normally contact you about your test results if they are unremarkable or as expected. We have systems in place to ensure that all unusual or unexpected results are followed up and that you are contacted about the result so normally "no news is good news". However if after you have had a test you are concerned or if things are not going as expected please contact Manurewa Medical and speak to one of our nurses.

We know how important it is to have a doctor that you can relate to and knows your background. Because of this we make sure that our doctors have regular appointment spaces throughout the week. This allows you the choice to book both the doctor and/or the time of the week that suits your needs.

We also know that you can't always plan when you are going to become unwell and need our assistance. To help out on most days we have a doctor available for these unplanned "walk-ins" but it always pays to phone in advance to discuss your needs with one of our receptionists.

The different skills and strengths of our nurses and doctors means that our team covers the full spectrum of health needs and care. This ranges from pregnancies and young children through adolescents, sexual health, womens health, mens health, mental health, chronic illnesses and disabilities through to caring for the elderly. Because of this our patients have choices and the benefit of accessing expertise in more areas than any one doctor or nurse could possibly provide.

Sometimes it is nice to have a friend with you during your consultation with the doctor or nurse. Remember you are always welcome to request a chaperone to be with you during your visit to the doctor. One special situation that this usually applies to is for consultations that require intimate examination. It is usual for us to ensure a support person is present for these visits.

If you or anyone you know needs an interpreter please let our reception team know before you see the doctor or nurse. We can look after your health much better if we can arrange an interpreter to be present during your visit to the doctor.

All patients have rights when receiving healthcare in New Zealand. There is a copy of the Health and Disability Commissioner Code of Patient Rights available within the practice and and more information is available on the HDC website at www.hdc.org.nz

One of the defined Patient Rights is to Informed Consent regarding treatment. By having a discussion with our doctors or nurses you can gain an understanding of what is involved in receiving a proposed treatment or procedure. Informed consent is about you as a patient agreeing to treatment once you have all the facts and without any pressure.  If there is any aspect of your health care that you do not understand, are unsure about, or would like more information about, please feel free to ask your doctor or nurse.


Among the many services we offer you is advice and immunisation before you go to another country. While you are likely to have the immunisations needed to live in New Zealand, there may be other injections you need to protect yourself before going to exotic places, for example to Africa or South America. In some places you will need protection from rabies or malaria.  Our doctors will be able to prepare you for your trip, tell you what diseases you will need to be protected from in any named country and advise you on other medical matters.